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 Molecular Biology  Videos
Do you have a great molecular biology video? Please click our Ideas page.

Featured Videos:
University of Berkeley - Molecular Biology Lectures University of Berkeley - Molecular Biology Lectures
View numerous videos of Molecular and Cell Biology Lectures provided by the University of California, Berkeley, covering all sorts of topics within molecular biology.
Molecular Biology Videos - Davidson Molecular Biology Videos - Davidson
View the various videos about molecular biology provided by the Biology Department of Davidson College in North Carolina. View movies about mitosis, cellular calcium, molecular methods, and much more
The MicrobiologyBytes Video Library The MicrobiologyBytes Video Library
This library, provided by, contains videos on over 300 topics in microbiology. Each comes with a helpful explanation and video.

Other Videos About Molecular Biology :

How Stuff Works Videos - Microbiology Videos
This site contains videos and articles that are related to the field of microbiology, submitted by the Science Channel, Animal Planet, and more.

Science Kids - Biology Videos
Check out our amazing science videos for kids. Learn more about the world around you while watching a range of awesome clips.

From Argonne National Labs:
Bacteria Turn Tiny Gears Bacteria Turn Tiny Gears
See swarms of bacteria turn two 380-micron long gears, opening the possibility of building hybrid biological machines at the microscopic scale. .
Blood Flow: Multi-scale Modeling and Visualization Blood Flow: Multi-scale Modeling and Visualization
See an animated model of modeling of arterial blood flow, and learn more about the blood flow in your body.

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