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General Science Videos
Do you have a great general science video? Please click our Ideas page.

Featured Videos:
Videos from National Geographic Kids Videos from National Geographic Kids
The National Geographic Kid's section has a number of fun and engaging videos for kids to watch and learn from. Discover and watch videos about a number of topics including animals, space, and much more. - Videos - Videos
neoK12 offers a free online collection of educational videos, quizzes, games, and puzzles, in almost every subject. Watch interesting videos about physical science, life science, the human body and much more
Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement Science Videos from Science Kids
At Science Kids, learn more about science and technology by watching these great science videos. Check out some awesome experiments, animals in the wild, the science of sport, chemistry in action, and much more.

Other General Science Videos:

Yahoo! Kids - Science and Nature
Yahoo! Kids provides a Science and Nature Section! View videos and links about all sorts of science topics like animals, the earth, space exploration and much more.

NOAA - Ocean Explorer
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have provided several videos about the ocean depths. Discover and experience the world's oceans in new and exciting ways!

MIT Open Couseware - Audio/Video Courses
MIT provides a set of free audio/video courses about a number of topics ranging from aeronautics to physics. There is a course to see no matter what your interest is.

From Argonne National Labs:
Argonne on Jeopardy! Argonne on Jeopardy!
On Thursday, March 10, 2011 Argonne National Laboratory was featured as a category on Jeopardy! Feel free to look at the questions through this video.
Argonne Open House - 2009 Argonne Open House - 2009
View a video of the 2009 Open House at Argonne! See different weird science experiments performed live and a live glassblowing demonstration.

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