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Computer Science Videos
Do you have a great computer science video? Please click our Ideas page.

Featured Videos:
Computer Science Videos from Purdue Computer Science Videos from Purdue
Purdue University's Department offers a number of free videos about various topics in computer science. Each video was presented at a colloquium and approved by the presenter. Learn more about the growing field of computer science.
WAcademic Earth - Computer Science Academic Earth - Computer Science
Academic Earth offers free online course lectures about environmental studies from MIT, Stanford, Harvard, and others. Learn about computer programming, machine learning, building dynamic websites and much more.
Programming languages LearnersTV - Computer Science offers a series of educational computer science lectures that are available to the public for free. Learn about topics like Java programming, computer networks, internet technologies, and much more.

Other Computer Science Videos:

Free Video Lectures - Computer Science
View all sorts of free online lectures on computer science from Free Video Lectures. Topics include programming, operating systems, search engines and much more.

From Argonne National Labs:
Cloud Computing Cloud Computing
Chicago has become a world center of "cloud computing". Argonne experts Pete Beckman and Ian Foster explain what "cloud computing" is and how you probably already use it on a daily basis.
Argonne's Recycling Pilot Plant Argonne Accelerates Technological Advancement
IBM and Argonne National Laboratory come together to aid researchers to accelerate the advancement of computational science and engineering.
Green Supercomputing at Argonne Green Supercomputing at Argonne
Pete Beckman, head of Argonne's Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF) talks about Argonne National Laboratory's green supercomputing

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