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Chemistry Videos
Do you have a great chemistry videos? Please click our Ideas page.

Featured Videos:
Steve Marsden's Chemistry Resources The Periodic Table of Videos
The University of Nottingham provides an interactive periodic table of elements, with each element having its own short video. This great resource allows students to see the elements in action.
Chemistry Education Resources LearnersTV - Chemistry offers a series of educational chemistry lectures that are available to the public for free. Learn about topics like organic chemistry, solutions, chemical compounds, and much more.
Top 10 Amazing Chemistry Videos - Wired Science How Stuff Works Videos - Chemistry
The Chemistry Section on How Stuff Works Videos contains videos about chemistry, submitted by the Discovery Channel, the Science Channel, and more. Learn more about chemistry through the video of the day!

Other Chemistry Videos:

Top 10 Amazing Chemistry Videos - Wired Science
Wired Science has complied a Top 10 of there favorite chemistry videos, including fiery explosions, beautiful reactions, and even hilarious music videos. - Chemistry has chemistry videos that show how to make chemicals and perform cool chemistry demonstrations and experiments.

From Argonne National Labs:
Predicting Hurricanes with Supercomputers Plastic Bags to Batteries
Plastic bags are the scourge of roadsides, parking lots and landfills. But chemistry comes to the rescue! At Argonne, Vilas Pol has found a way to not only recycle plastic bags--but make them into useful modern items.

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