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Packer Engineering of Naperville, IL was hired by The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railwy Company to film a staged collision between a train and an automobile at a grade crossing. This was to create several television spots to promote rail crossing safety. The 67th Street crossing in Hodgkins, IL was chosen to record the event.

The crossing is composed of wood surrounding the track and track bed, with asphalt between sets of track.

The pictures below show the crossing gate with a 2 meter stick, crossing gate with a red 1.0 meter stick, ties in the rail bed to the north of the crossing with meter sticks for scale, and meter sticks going across the roadway.

Available Images

Map of Hodgkins, IL

Gate and Scale

Pavement and Scale

1977 Delta88

Engine diagram

Ties and Scale

Rail Bed Rock 1

Rail Bed Rock 2

Rail Bed Rock 3

GP-35 type Locomotive

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