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Computer Science References
Do you have a great computer reference link? Please click our Ideas page.

Featured Reference Links:
The site,, is the world's largest web development education site. Want to learn how to program for the web? W3schools provides free online tutorials on HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, XML, SQL, ASP.NET, PHP, and much more.
What is a computer virus? What is a computer virus?
Here at NEWTON, we get a lot of questions on computer viruses, so we thought that we would provide a helpful guide that should help to answer all of your questions about them.
Programming languages Programming Languages
Here is an aid provided by Wikipedia to help you better understand, programming languages, the backbone for all computer science applications. It is suitable for both teachers and students.

Other Computer Science Reference Links:

Computer Networks
Here is an aid provided by Wikipedia to help you better understand computer networks, or how computers talk to other computers.

Computer Science Resources from Education Index
The site provides links to a number of different computer science topics, including Artificial Intelligence.

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