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Astronomy Magazine Sites
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Featured Reference Links:
Sky & Telescope Magazine Sky & Telescope Magazine
Sky & Telescope Magazine is a great resource. Their website provides articles about astronomy news and recent observations. There is also a resource page complied by the site's editors, and much more!
Astronomy Magazine Astronomy Magazine
Astronomy Magazine is one of the best-selling Astronomy magazines. Their website offers various free features such as astronomy news, podcasts, videos and much more! There is also a lot for stargazers here too.
StarDate StarDate - McDonald Observatory
StarDate is the public education site sponsored by the University of Texas. They offer an astronomy magazine that is great for anyone interested in astronomy. They also offer resources to teachers, the media, and the public.

Other Astronomy Magazine Sites:

Astronomy Now Magazine
Astronomy Now is another great reference, based in the United Kingdom. They have a lot of free online services, such as a sky chart for the English Isles, and a great list of resources on astronomy. Check it out!

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