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Black Hole References References
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Featured Reference Links:
Black Holes - Black Holes -
The Hubblesite provides a great reference about black holes! Journey to and explore a black hole or view their black hole encyclopedia. Learn about how black holes are born, how astronomers find black holes, and much more!
Black Hole FAQs Black Hole FAQs - University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Berkeley resident, Ted Bunn, provides a helpful list of frequently asked questions about black holes. Find out what a black hole and a white hole are. Learn how big black holes are, and much more!
NASA - Teaching Black Hole to K-4 Astronomy NASA - Teaching Black Hole to K-4
Check out this great black hole reference for grades K-4 provided by NASA's education group. Learn about black holes, where they come from and why NASA is studying them, and much more! It is designed as a K-4 site.

Other Black Hole References:

Black Holes - Wikipedia
Still want to know more about black holes? Check out this site provided by Wikipedia. It has all sorts of information about black holes, including the history of black holes, their properties and structure, and much more!

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