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Educational Physics Games
Do you have a great physics game? Please click our Ideas page.

Featured Games:
Nobel Prize - Physics Games Section Nobel Prize - Physics Games Section, the official website of the Nobel Prize, offers an educational games page related to physics. Play and learn about various physics topics including accelerators, relativity, liquid crystals, lasers, and much more!
PBS Kids - Physics Games PBS Kids - Physics Games
PBS Kids offers an assortment of physics games tailored for little children. Play with various physics principles in a fun and interactive environment.
Physics Games - Physics Games - has a vast library of free online games that are based on physics principles. Play numerous interactive games that cover topics like forces, gravity, and much more!

Other Physics Games:

TINAFAD - Free Online Educational Math and Physics Games
TINAFAD offers free physics games designed to better help students understand key topics, including motion, waves, and much more!

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