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Educational Games for General Science
Do you have a great general science game? Please click our Ideas page.

Featured Reference Games: Science and Technology Smithsonian Education
The Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies provides an interactive game site about Science and Nature. Play and learn about the universe, dinosaurs, animals, anatomy, and much more!
Nobel Laueate Educational Games Nobel Laueate Educational Games provides various educational games on various topics including physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, peace, and economics. Play and enjoy learning!
neoK12 neoK12 - Games
neoK12 believes that kids learn best by "seeing" the real world. They provide a number of free games about physical science, life science, earth science, social studies, and math for your students to explore!

Other General Science Games: - Science Games is a free educational site that provides educational science games. Play games about animals, plants, the solar system, weather, and much more.

Jefferson Labs - Games and Puzzles
Play science and math games provided by Jefferson National Labs, with puzzles, games on the elements, and more.

KS2 Bitsize - BBC
Explore science, reading and math with fun and interactive games provided by the BBC. These games can be used by all ages.

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