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Educational Computer Science Games
Do you have a great computer science game? Please click our Ideas page.

Featured Games:
Alice provided by CarnegieMellon Alice provided by CarnegieMellon
Alice is an innovative 3D programming environment that makes it easy to create an animation for telling a story, playing an interactive game, or a video to share on the web. Alice is a freely available teaching tool designed to be a student's first exposure to object-oriented programming, provided by Carnegie Mellon.
What is a computer virus? Power My Learning - Computer Science Games
Power My Learning has various games, labs, and resources for 3D programming and game design, for grades 3-12. Learn about how to build your own game with these helpful tools.
Programming languages Alfa Typing - Free Typing Games
Typing games are a great way to improve your typing speed and accuracy. These games make practicing the keyboard more enjoyable and fun.

Other Computer Science Games: offers many free online games such as Barracuda that will help you better learn typing and how to use a keyboard.

Laptop Language: Keyboarding
Laptop Language offers more games about typing and using a keyboard that will you master it in no time.

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