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Videos - Amusement Park Physics!
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Suggested Videos:
The American Experience:  Coney Island The American Experience: Coney Island
Want to learn more about classic amusement parks? PBS did a special presentation on Coney Island, one of the oldest amusement parks in America. See film, a photo gallery, a teacher's guide and much more!
Coastertube from Coastertube from
Want to see videos of real life roller coasters in action? Check out Coastertube with tons of videos about roller coaster in real life parks! A lot of these videos are taken in the first person view, so they are great for class demos!

Other Videos:

America Screams by Vincent Price
This is a classic film that tells all about roller coasters and theme parks in America. It is a great resource that you might be able to find at your local library.

Scientific American Frontiers - High Rollers
Interested in how new roller coasters come about? This documentary follows the first trials of a new kind of roller coaster, and all of the challenges that the team faced.

Webinar on Amusement Park Physics Outdoor Education
View this webinar about Amusement Park Physics and outdoor education. Note, we have been having trouble with this link.

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