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Amusement Park Physics!
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Suggested Reference Links: - Interactive Amusement Park Physics - Interactive Amusement Park Physics
This site provided by provides a fun way for students to interact with the physics behind amusement parks rides! Learn about roller coasters, carousels, bumper cars, free fall rides, and much more.
The Physics Classroom - Amusement Park Physics The Physics Classroom - Amusement Park Physics provides a great informational article about the physics and forces at work in roller coasters. Learn about the physics of loops, banked turns, small dips and hills, and much more.
Amusement Park Math and Science support material from NASA Amusement Park Math and Science from NASA
NASA also offers great educational resources about Amusement Park Physics. There are tons of guides and workshop links, and support material including lesson plans, a microgravity demonstrator, posters and more.
The Roller Coaster DataBase The Roller Coaster DataBase
The Roller Coaster DataBase is a great reference with data about many coasters. They also offer a links, that contains information about roller coaster history and publications, and much more.
Links from the American Coaster Enthusiasts Links from the American Coaster Enthusiasts
Looking for an amusement park near you? How about more information on roller coasters? Check out the links section from the American Coaster Enthusiasts which has a listing of parks across the globe, and much more!

Other Amusement Park Reference Links:

Funderstanding - The Coaster Simulation
Funderstanding offers a free roller coaster simulator so that you can design your own roller coaster, and simulate actual forces. It is a great activity for kids, to help them understand force, energy, and much more. Enjoy!

Educational Tools from Six Flags
Six Flags Great America offers a great educational tools page with has a lot of helpful resources including Physics Day Student and Teacher manuals, links to curriculum standards and much more.

Links from
This site provides many services including UseNet groups, clubs, directories and databases, photos, park guides, news, rumors, facts, and opinions. In general, it is a good list of link resources.

Physics Curriculum - Amusement Park Physics Software
Looking for software to analyze amusement park rides in detail? Check out this link about World-in-Motion software. It provides detailed motion analysis of a wide variety of amusement park rides.

KNEX Amusement Park Physics
Want an Amusement Park Physics experience without having the cost of actually going to an amusement park? Check out this site by KNEX, which is a reference guide to how to build and test your own rides by using KNEX.

Amusement Park Physics Tools from Vernier
Looking for additional materials? Check out this site about Amusement Park Physics materials provided by Clarence Bakken / Vernier materials.

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