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Job Title:
* Product and Systems Designer, ETA Engineering, Tempe, AZ
* Senior Research Scientist, Space Science Center, University of Southern California

Professional Organizations:
American Astronomical Society (AAS) - Solar Physics Division of AAS

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

American Solar Energy Society

Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
Aerospace & Electronic Systems; Education; Medicine & Biology;
Instrumentation & Measurement; Oceanic Engineering;
Systems man cybernetics societies of IEEE

American Physical Society (APS)
Astrophysics ; Biological Physics Divisions of APS

American Institute of Physics (AIP)

American Gephysical Union (AGU)

American Hydrogen Association

International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE)

International Solar Cycle Study Scientific Committee on
Solar-Terrestrial Physics (ISCS)

Human Powered Vehicle Association

Planetary Society



Extensive experience in design and development of very high reliability instrumentation for space and ground-based scientific measurements, including electronic, mechanical and optical specifications. Development of data reduction techniques, image processing and display algorithms. Scientific expert to European Space Agency for asteroseismology and high precision photometry, and member of NASA peer review system for UV proposals.


B.Sc BioPhysics, University of York: (1981-1983)

* Including medical physics and imaging, electron microscopy, ultra high resolution spectroscopy.

Ph.D. Experimental Physics, Birmingham: (1983-1986)

* Developed very high resolution spectrometers for detecting solar/ stellar oscillations, and extra solar planets.
* Development of a tunable laser heterodyne spectrometer for basic atomic physics measurements.


ETA Engineering: Systems and Product developer (2000-present)

* Develop systems design for Solar-Electric installations for residential and commercial customers.

* Design and develop high reliability high power charge controllers for solar-electric, and other commercial applications.

* Provide warranty and non-warranty repair for Trace Engineering inverters

University of Southern California: Senior Research Scientist (1996-present)

* Develop instrumentation and analyze solar UV/EUV data.

* Develop instrumentation to precisely measure the shape of the Sun and its long term changes.

* Providing ground Support for Sounding Rocket and Space Shuttle Missions (NASA Appreciation award for STS-95 mission).

* Develop new techniques to study subsurface solar dynamics.

* Debug high-speed CCD cameras.

* Advise graduate student (C-H. Lin)

Amundsen-Scott South Pole station: Research Scientist (1994-1996)

* Served as 'winter-over' scientist with responsibility for four high energy astrophysics experiments.

* Received fire fighting and extreme environment medicine training.

Bartol Research Institute: Research Scientist (1994)

* Designed and constructed a multi-color solar imaging photometer for deployment at the geographic South pole. It proved one of the most reliable experiments at the South Pole, working continuously, fully exposed to the environment for the entire 3 month Summer season.

* Developed image restoration and multidimensional data fitting algorithms.

Universities of Aarhus (DK) and Groningen(NL): Research Scientist (1991-1993)

* Developed optical analysis software to model complex interferometric systems.

* Designed a very small high-resolution holographic heterodyne spectrometer.

* Lead observation campaign of delta-Scuti stars.

* Advised graduate students (H. Kjeldsen, M. Sodemaan, M. Viscum, E. Pottasch).

Institute D'Astrophysique Spatiale (France): Research Scientist (1991)

* Calibrated and developed the GOLF experiment for ESA/NASA SoHO spacecraft.

* Trained IAS staff in the alignment and use of Ar Ion and dye laser systems.

* Advised graduate students (P. Boumier, C. Gravel).

Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (Spain): Research Scientist (1989-1990)

* Developed of a very high precision multi-star, multi-color photometer.

* Worked on Commissioning of the 4.2m Isaac Newton Telescope on La Palma.

* Worked on Transputer based data acquisition and analysis systems.

* Advised graduate students (A. Jimenez, J .A. Belmonte).

European Space Agency - ESTEC (Netherlands): Research Scientist (1986-1989,1991)

* Designed and developed the LOI now flying on NASA-ESA's SoHO spacecraft.

* Specified and designed radiation-hard ASIC. The ASIC was used to space-qualify the ABB-HAFO production facility. The ASIC is now commercially available, and is flying on SoHO, WIND satellites and was used on Cluster spacecraft. (ESA outstanding achievement award given for development)

* Developed Chip-and-Wire analogue hybrid circuits for spacecraft systems.

Dr. Andrew R. Jones
ETA Engineering Inc.
2010 E. University Dr. #20
Tempe, AZ 85281

Space Science Center
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089

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