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Dr. Hughes received his Ph.D., Biochemistry from North Carolina State University and is an ordained Minister. Bird nests, bird eggs and Humans.

He continued academic research at the Institute for Enzyme Research, Madison, WI concerning genetic control of diabetes and immunologic markers of metabolic disease. Industrial research experience with Sanofi Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was in infectious disease agents and immunological disease states. Further industrial design experience was with Kollsman Medical Devices, Inc. and Kodak Diagnostics Systems. He currently teaches at University and Colleges in the Northeast US.

He has authored 17 research papers in refereed scientific journals; 200+ scientific articles on the Web and a Laboratory Manual for Chemistry. He writes for the Mad Scientists, and is an editor of Biochemistry for the Encyclopedia of Earth. He has published literary works in The Tower Journal, Amoskeag Journal and Rougarou Journal.

He works with Project Andromeda and the Planet Hunters, where he classifies exoplanets and galaxies. He founded the Atomic Turtle Institute and the Monadnock Radio Observatory which works in collaboration with NASA’s Radio JOVE.

His passion is quantum biochemistry and physics of the very small to the very large including viruses, humans and the cosmos.

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