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I am a retired physical chemist [1965, Berkeley with W.F. Giauque] with a broad background in many areas of chemistry/physics: thermodynamics, I.R. spectroscopy, polymer chemsitry, analysis of ground water for trace organic compounds. My hobbies include photography and mathematics.

How can I participate in your program. I have taught [Iowa State] and have an interest in fostering interest in science to young people.

Consultant in landfill remediation, and prevention of landfill contamination. The best landfill remediation is preventation before it happens. This is a complex issue because it brings to the front that the "science" is not enough. There are social and political issues that have a direct impact on the "science". It isn't good enough to have good science if nobody is listening. This requires acquisition of a whole bunch of skills that we don't teach in the classroom.

Somehow I think it is important to communicate to students that "getting and 'A' in chemistry" is no longer sufficient. They need to develop communication skills, hard learned, to transfer their technical knowledge into civic actions. So the "liberal arts" are not to be distained, but rather cultivated.

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