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Name: jonathan j hoch
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Date: Around 1995

What is the Goldbach Conjecture?

That every even number is the sum of two prime numbers.


Christian Goldbach (1690-1764), in a letter to Euler dated February, 16, 1745, stated that every even number equal to or greater than 6 is the sum of two odd primes in one or more ways. The first sentence is a direct quote from THE LORE OF PRIME NUMBERS by G. P. Loweke, p 68. The conjecture remains unsettled, but computers have verified the conclusion for all even N below very large bounds (Loweke noted the bound of 100,000 but that is quite old, I believe). A related conjecture is that every even number is a difference of two primes in infinitely many ways! Loweke ascribes this statement to A. de Polignac around 1849.


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