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Name: yendor
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Date: Around 1995

Could someone give me the necessary and sufficient conditions on the non- zero integers a,b,c such that the graph of ax+by=c contains a point (a',b') where a' and b' are integers. Please give an example or two to demonstrate this.

But if a' and b' are integers, the c is necessarily an integer. On the other hand, if c is an integer, then there are obviously rational (non-inte- ger) values of a' and b' for which c is not an integer. I think that the proposition, as you have stated it, is false.


I cannot say I understand jlu's point. Anyway, suppose a = 2, b = 4, and c = 3. Then there cannot be any integer solutions for a', b', because ax + by is always even, if x and y are integers, and so can never be equal to 3. I believe the necessary and sufficient conditions are that any common divisor of a and b (such as 2 in the above example) must also divide c evenly. If that is true, then the common divisors can be factored out of the equation, and so one can simply start by assuming a and b have no common divisors - and there is a well-known result that for any two numbers which have this property, you can find integers x and y such that ax + by = 1. Then just multiply both x and y by c and you have the solution you want. So this condition is sufficient. It is obviously necessary, for the same reason as in the example above.


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