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Name: tim
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Date: Around 1995

What is the largest prime number?

There is no largest prime number (Euclid, et. al.). Recently, (it seems this statement will always be proper as computers keep getting faster) another Mersenne prime has been discovered. A look-up of this will connect you to perfect numbers. Many references exist.


I heard about the new largest-known prime on the news, but I have not seen anything about it in print, so I do not know how big it is. The previous record was the prime number 2^756839 - 1, a number of 227,832 digits. Our printer does about 5000 characters per page, so this works out to about 45 1/2 pages. The new record-holder is likely to be significantly bigger. A questioner on the Computer Science BB says that the new record-holder is the number 2^859433 - 1. This number would have 258,716 digits, requiring about 52 pages.


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