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Name: nancy e hamilton
Status: N/A
Age: N/A
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: Around 1995

Are there any good placed to take a group of eighth graders for a mathemat- ics field trip?

If you can arrange it, visiting an engineering company to learn about how they use math in their work might be very instructive. Civil engineering would probably be easiest to understand at the 8th grade level.


Probably more important than the particular application is finding the right kind of ambassadors for mathematics. Scout around for the opinions of fellow instructors as resources. Find out who they think may excite student interest and have the patience to attempt to bring their applications down toward the level of the classes involved. In our co-operative degree (BS) program in applied mathematics we have found a good variety of corporate employers to hire our students as they study mathematics, including big names like GM, IBM, EDS, UPS, TRW and smaller firms in the a variety of service, research, and industrial businesses. It is clear that we can find mathematics being applied almost everywhere there is an interface with the economy. It is less clear where will we will be able to find individuals in that economy to pump up students about the applications and show students that their is continued growth in the need for skilled individuals in mathematics and related computing sciences. For more information, write to the Department in Michigan there is a visiting lecturer program supplying college faculty for guest lectures. Presentations at secondary schools run by the Michigan MAA>. This may be another alternative in your area.


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