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Name: Laura C Paddack
Status: Other
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How do you feel about the way the earth is being treated?

Some I like and some I do not. Compared to the way Earth has been treating itself for the last 4.5 Billion years, I would say the way we have been treating it for the last 4 Million is basically ok - humans have demonstrated the ability to live as harmoniously as any other animal on Earth. The last 300 years or so have seen some nasty examples of over-exploitation, leading to the extinction of various birds, fish, mammals, plants, etc. I am pretty certain that we will be around at least another 300 years, maybe even another 4 Million. Mother Earth is a very big girl and she can take pretty good care of herself - if any species gets too far out of line she will just swat them off the planet and let some other species flourish. To me, environmental problems are really only problems because they hurt people, not because they hurt the "environment" or the earth or other animals.


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