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Name: Akur Srivastava
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How are crop circles formed? And why do they have such artistic patterns?

Although some claim that tiny electrically charged whirlwinds might cause crop circles, and others claim that they are of extra-terrestrial origin, I think the most likely cause is people sneaking around at night. The 1993 James Randi Prize for scientific investigation of "paranormal" phenomena went to Gabor Takacs and Robert Dallos of Hungary, whose students proved that crop circles are quite easy for a careful group of high school students to make (see "The Skeptical Inquirer," Volume 17 Summer 1993 page 360, and Volume 16 Winter 1992 page 136).

The geometry of crop circles has been studied by British astronomer G. S. Hawkins (see "Science News", Vol 141, February 1, 1992, page 76).


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