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Name: Sandra M Winter
Status: Other
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We need information on the Illinois prairie. Currently, we are teaching with the Fermi Lab's "Particles and Prairies." Do you have any additional information?

Here are some resources to consider: The New York Times February 1, 1994 and October 19, 1993 ran articles by William Stevens (page C4 for the first and page C1 for the second) about recent prairie restoration research.

"THE HUMANIST" magazine ran a special issue on the ethics and esthetics of ecological restoration, Volume 53 November/December 1993.

"Science" Volume 260, June 1993, page 1891 has an article about restoration ecology, and "Bioscience" Volume 40, December 1990, page 804 has one about prairie restoration.

Books for children: "Prairies and Grasslands" by J. Rowan 1983;

"The Prairie Community" by K. Vyn, 1978;

"The Prairie World" 1980 by D. Costello.

For older readers:

"The True Prairie Ecosystem" by P. Risser, et al 1981;

"Helping Nature Heal: An Introduction to Environmental Restoration" by R. Nilsen, 1991;

"Prairies, Forests, and Wetlands: The Restoration of Natural Landscapes in Iowa" 1992 by J. Thomson Univ. of Iowa Press.

The Fermilab pamphlet is all I could find specific to Illinois.


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