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Name: Matt J Fackelman
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I am teaching an Environmental Science course and we are studying alternative transportation methods. Would you have any sources on recumbent bicycles that we could consult?

Here are some recent articles in popular magazines, which I found using Iowa State University's on-line Readers' Guide:

"Pedal-Powered Slot Cars for Future Commuters", Popular Mechanics, January 1994, page 13

"Pollution Solution", (Human powered vehicles) National Geographic World, April 1994, page 4-7

"Bike Buying 101", Bicycling magazine, February 1993, page 48-9

"The World's Fastest Bike", Popular Science, October 1993, page 78-80+

"Cycle City 2000" (deals with 4-wheeled recumbent bicycles) Bicycling magazine, March 1992, page 52-4+

"Easy Racer's Tour Easy" (Easy Racer is the company name) Bicycling magazine, March 1992, page 130-1

"Laid-Back Bicycles", US News & World Report, July 6, 1992, page 72-3

R C Winther

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