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What scientific breakthroughs are needed to bring about a cost effective high volume means of breaking water down to hydrogen and oxygen. The time is near where we should stop using carbon based fuels (agree?). Who is doing this research and where are they at?

In the late 1970's, some work on hydrogen as fuel (derived from water by electrolysis) was done at Brookhaven National Laboratory and at Los Alamos National Laboratory - the research reports are available from the National Technical Information Service. In 1986 Congress considered a bill called "The Hydrogen Research and Development Act", and again in 1990 a bill called "The Spark Matsunaga Hydrogen Research, Development, and Demonstration Act" was considered. Reports are available from the US Government Printing Office. Here are some books on the Subject:

Peavey, M. 1988 "Fuel from Water"
Veziroglu, T. 1983 "Hydrogen Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond"
Bockris, J. 1980 "Energy Options"
Williams, L. 1980 "Hydrogen Power"


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