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We are looking for a diagram of an active solar heating system for a house. Can you suggest a source?
econd, in an active solar heating system how is the heat in the air or water in the solar panels distributed in the house?
Third, are materials other than water or air used in solar collectors?

Hey, those are great questions! I have been thinking of putting one in my house some day. I have heard of a large solar generating station in Israel that uses some kind of oil to transfer the heat from a collector to a steam generator. I also recall some scientist reporting that heat transfer is more efficient if dark particles are suspended in the liquid. As far as I know, home-heating systems would use ordinary hot-water radiators, just like the ones that people with oil-fired heating systems use. I know you could find some books on solar heating systems in your library. One book I like is "The Integral Urban House" by the Ten Speed Press, published in the 1970's I think.


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