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Name: Doug E Paradis
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My son is exploring a potential science fair project that requires a number of soil samples be analyzed for the presence of lead. Is there a simple method to measure the level of lead in a soil sample?
Costs are a major concern. My questions are how would you prepare the soil sample and how do you a quantitative determination of the amount of lead present in the sample?

Glad to see you are taking an active interest in your son's education. Here are some journal articles that might help get him started:

J Teichman, et al. "A Survey of Lead Contamination in Soil" American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal, Volume 54, September 1993, page 557.

B. Wixson "Guidelines for Lead in Soil" Environmental Science and Technology, Volume 28, January 1994, page 26A

Body, et al. "Environmental Lead: A Review" Critical Reviews in Environmental Control, Volume 20, Number 5 & 6, 1991 page 299.

S. Krishnamurthy "Extraction and Recovery of Lead From Soil" Environmental Progress, Volume 11, November 1992, page 256.

C. Sill "Determination of Lead-210 in Standard Samples of Soil" Analytical Chemistry, Volume 60, February 15, 1988, page 320.

Ask your librarian how to do an inter-library loan if you cannot find these on the shelf (you may need to use a University research library). Also, maybe the "Chemistry" section could answer your question about how to test soil for lead content.


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