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Name: Sally Farag
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How many landfills are in the United States and by what year will they close down?

I have an interest in this question because I believe there is a chance to make a buck by buying old landfills and mining them to recover recyclable materials. I have not come across a directory of landfills yet, but I have not been looking very hard either. I guess there is probably one landfill for every town of 5,000 people so just dividing the United States population (260 million) by 5,000 there may be as many as 52,000 landfills. That may be an over estimate since most people live in big cities served by just a few giant landfills. If you need a more precise answer, I would suggest contacting the Environmental Protection Agency to see if they maintain a catalogue or directory of United States landfills.

You might look for this in your library or ask the librarian to do an inter- library loan:

Facts on Domestic Waste and Industrial Pollutants, by Hugh Johnstone, 1990


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