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Name: Doug Moe
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Where does the rubber of the tire go that wears out from driving on the road? What effect does this "rubbed off" rubber have on the environment?

You can see rubbed off rubber patches wherever cars skid - skid marks are everywhere. The rubber tends to stick to the road, or gradually blow off as dust. I do not honestly think anyone has ever thought about the environmental effects of rubber dust, but I could be wrong. A much bigger problem is what to do with the tires after the tread wears off. And the exhaust gasses from cars probably have a bigger environmental impact than rubber dust. One thing you can do with old tires is to recycle them into asphalt and use it to pave roads - then you not only have tires on the road but IN the road too. Here is a book to check out: "Highway Pollution", by Ronald S. Hamilton and Roy M. Harrison, 1991.


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