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Name: Nancy Brashears
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We hear about all types of emissions and I am wondering what has been to model or estimate the emissions from activities like hot tar roofing and organics from gas stations for example. Have there been models on the internet where this data or models can be accessed?
I am especially interested in the amount of organic emissions from roofing operation on flat roof with hot tar or asphalt. How large is the emission a and what is in the emissions?
What is the difference between tar and a asphalt in these applications?

I do not have any statistics involving the tar/asphalt applications you mention, but I was intrigued by the topic for your question. Earlier this evening I was in a discussion about air pollution, how certain parts of the country have auto emissions testing while other adjacent communities, perhaps more "rural" do not. Trouble is many of those "rural" residents (like myself) who are not auto emission tested commute for work into a nearby town which is emissions tested. The confusion is that while we are not tested, we must commute farther than city residents into town and we therefore probably pollute MORE than the average city resident in the place where THEY live.

I believe in the very near future areas of auto emission testing will be expanded to include areas such as where I live. One other point I raised in my earlier conversation involved how long it would be until we are asked to have out lawn mowers emissions tested. You can appreciate the gas-guzzling, smoking, out-of-tune mowers which weekly or by weekly are polluting our city skies with smoke and noise. Does anyone have any information on research in this area? I think it would go a long way towards clearing out city views.


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