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Why is it that we must vent the exhaust from furnaces, and hot water heaters, dryers, etc. but yet when we cook on a gas stove, it is not vented outside? Does that not produce carbon monoxide also?

Yes, gas stoves produce carbon monoxide, but much less than furnaces water heaters, dryers, etc. because less fuel is used. You can install a vented exhaust hood in your kitchen.


Just a brief addition to mortis' note. The production of many exhaust gases occurs when fuel is burned. In an atmosphere low on oxygen, comparatively more carbon MONoxide gets produced than the relatively safe carbon Dioxide. The situation worsens as more and more oxygen is used up. This situation could be serious and even deadly in a tight, poorly vented house. The volume of exhaust gases produced indeed depends upon the amount of fuel used as mortis discussed in his note. The carbon monoxide accumulation in a closed environment becomes deadly because the CO becomes preferentially absorbed into the blood and bound over the normal air (nitrogen/oxygen) mixture. Suffocation due to lack of oxygenation of the blood and death can quickly follow.


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