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Name: Wiley W Symes
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If we are worrying about the ozone layer depleting, and we are also worrying about using to many nuclear weapons for fear of a nuclear winter, why do not we kill two birds with one stone. We ought to drop nuclear bombs in the places we are having trouble with the ozone depleting. From what I have heard, most of our ozone problems are near the poles. What is wrong with my idea? There has to be something wrong with it or the scientists would have already begun doing such a thing.

I think that more than two birds might be killed by that stone! Nuclear winter is not the only problem with nuclear bombs - they also produce a lot of heat and radioactive fallout that can be deadly to people and animals. The radiation from the bombs would probably be worse that the radiation from the ozone hole. Also, because they are so dangerous, it is illegal for anyone to detonate a nuclear bomb in the atmosphere.


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