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Is there a substitute for aerosol sprays?
DuPont's Freon (TM)-11 harms the atmosphere and oxygen does not. Could we use oxygen instead?

Compressed carbon dioxide has been used as a propellant in aerosol sprays, oxygen, however, is much too explosive when compressed and would not be a go good candidate for aerosol sprays. Finding replacements for compressed gas propellants has not been a big problem, however, finding replacements of for the freons used in air conditioners has been more difficult. As you may have noticed from the "green" neon car commercials a replacement has been found although it is more expensive and I have heard that it cannot be used as a replacement gas in home window air conditioners.

Stacie M Clark

A feature article on the completion of a major study of alternatives to CFC's appears in the October 1993 (Volume 43) issue of "Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association" on page 1393.


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