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Name: Betty A Laliberte
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If the releasing of CFC's is happening all over the world, why does it mainly deplete the ozone layer about the North and South Poles? It seems that if the industrialized countries are releasing the most CFC's then the ozone should be depleted over our countries.

Excellent - you have figured it out just about right! The real problem is that the ozone layer is getting thinner everywhere, but because it is thinnest over the poles it is gradually shrinking away from the polar regions, so the regions where there is practically no ozone (i.e. the "hole") is getting a little larger every year. Ozone over the northern hemisphere was at the thinnest level ever recorded last year (but we have only been recording for a few years, and Mt. Pinatubo had much to do with the recent thinning). You might enjoy connecting to the NASA Spacelink bulletin board (its on the "teaching topics" menu) and reading the on-line bulletins on ozone measurement and monitoring.


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