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Do you actually believe there is an ozone hole? It has always been there and believe me it is not getting any warmer at -90 F. It, through the year expands and then contracts! Any body who believes different please tell me and why!

Yes, the existence of an ozone hole has been clearly documented and is indisputable. We do not know how long it has been there because data were not collected until recently. It does seem to have a seasonal flu cycle. Your question is a little confusing because you seem to deny the existence of an ozone hole in one sentence and then insist that it has always existed in the next sentence. You also seem to be mixing up the ozone problem with global warming - two related but distinct phenomena. There are many questions and comments about both issues throughout the Newton ask-a-scientist bulletin board. It is interesting to note that the eruption of Mount Pinatubo has had dramatic effects on both the ozone layer and global temperatures lately (see Science News, January 29, 1994, page 70).


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