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Name: James E Backstrom
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How does global warming effect the percent humidity in a given region?

I know of no regional predictions of relative humidity under global warming assumptions. Global climate models have very limited abilities to predict local or regional weather conditions.

For a general overview, see "Science Digest", October 1985, which features an article on "Will We Ever Control the Weather." For more technical information on the state of the art, see:

"Development of a Second-Generation Regional Climate Model" pages 2794 in the Monthly Weather Review, October 1993.

"The Global Precipitation Climatology Project: First Algorithm Inter- Comparison Project" page 401 in Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, March 1994


I think that it is important to understand that global warming will likely not cause all areas of the globe to warm up. The change in temperature will cause the weather patterns to change, and will likely cause a change in the pattern of flow of the oceans. These changes will affect different parts of the globe differently, so that some parts of the world may in fact become colder. Humidity should also be affected differently in various areas.

Stacie M Clark

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