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What possible actions could the world community and individuals take to help decrease the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere?

Allowing more trees to grow is a good way to take CO-2 out of the air and lock it up, at least until the tree dies and the CO-2 is released again. Another thing to do is to reduce the amount of combustion, because CO-2 is released whenever something containing carbon burns, such as gasoline, coal, or wood. Anything you can do to save gas or electricity would help reduce CO-2 emissions. Better still would be to find alternative energy sources that do not burn carbon-based "fossil fuels" or wood. Some electric utilities have voluntarily agreed to purchase and protect forest land to off-set the CO-2 released by their power-plants. For a short time last year, the President suggested that we could put a tax on fuels based on the amount of carbon they contain or the number of BTU's they produce. By raising the price of carbon- based fuels, less would be used and less CO-2 pollution would be the result. The tax was not accepted and passed into law by Congress, although a small increase in the gasoline tax was passed.


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