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Name: Burbank School, Vicki S Maiden
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What is the cause of global warming?

There are many causes, not just one, and we may not know what all the causes are. There are natural causes that we know very little about but we know they are there because geological evidence tells us that Earth's climate changes quite a lot - sometimes colder than today and sometimes warmer. Some have suggested changes in the sun's output of radiation, or changes in the amount of dust in the atmosphere (from volcanoes or meteor impacts) as natural causes. For about 100 years there has been concern that the burning of coal and oil in our industrial age might put enough carbon-dioxide and other gasses into the atmosphere to trap reflected sunlight and thus cause the atmosphere to heat upage Various means of controlling industrial (and agricultural) air pollution are being discussed by the world's governments.

Personally, I think that we could adapt to a changing climate by distributing food and shelter where it is needed. I am encouraged by the expansion of global peace and global trade as evidence that humanity could cope with climate change no matter what the cause.


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