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In what major ways are we hurting the animal population and destroying their homes? Do you know of any good programs that are helping to stop this problem?

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has been sponsoring a Man and Biosphere program for several years that seeks to set aside intact ecosystems in developing countries. IUCN also publishes the "Red Books" or endangered species lists - check your library for anything with IUCN as author or publisher. In the United States, the Interior Department is undertaking a biological survey to catalogue biodiversity again, you should check your library or try contacting the Department of Interior directly (your librarian can help you find out how to get the addresses of government agencies). Also, you might try your question out on the Fish and Wildlife Service and Forest Service in the Department of Agriculture.


The Nature Conservancy is a private conservation group that purchases ecologically important lands to gain control of their use. On the eastern shore of Maryland and Virginia, the Nature Conservancy owns all but two of the privately owned barrier islands there (the others are owned by the government) because they are important for migrating birds (and other things). The Conservancy hopes to promote an economic base in the area that is compatible with the environment. You may be able to find their magazine in the library.

Stacie M Clark

Yes, there are many non-profit and non-governmental organizations interested in the issue of wildlife habitat preservation. In addition to the Nature conservancy, you could check out the World Wildlife Fund, the Audubon Society, the Sierra Club, and organizations such as Ducks Unlimited, the Isaac Walton League etc. See "Environmental, Conservation and Ecological Organizations" in your Yellow Pages for a more complete listing in your area.


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