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Name: Vicki Russell
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Where are the most endangered animals?
Besides the dinosaurs, what other animals have become extinct?
How many endangered animals are there?
With all that is being done to protect the bald eagle, are they still endangered?

Go to the library and look for some of these books: Robert McClurry, 1969 "Lost Wild America: The Story of our Extinct and Vanishing Wild-Life"
US Fish & Wildlife Service, 1983 "Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants"
International Union for the Conservation of Nature, 1988 "IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals"
Finally, you can write for a free booklet called "Why Save Endangered Species" from S. James, Consumer information Center - 4A, PO Box 100 Pueblo, CO 81002
The answers to all your questions are there, waiting to be discovered!


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