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Name: Linda Dudick
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How is the fresh water supply in the world? It was a big concern in the 1960's and now it is not mentioned often.

It is still a big concern to people in countries that do not have adequate sanitation systems - former President Jimmy Carter has been helping villagers in Nigeria to develop fresh water wells, for example. People in Milwaukee, WI and Washington, DC were pretty concerned about it when their water treatment systems broke down and people started to get diarrhea in the past two years. On a broader scale, there is some concern that big fresh water sources like the Ogalala Aquifer are being depleted by agricultural irrigation. South Florida is having problems with salt water being drawn into fresh water aquifers. You might be interested in reading "Global 2000" the report on the state of the world's resources that was produced in 1980 by President Carter's Council on Environmental Quality. The World Watch Institute publishes an annual report called "The State of the World", which may have more current updates on this important question.

Personally, I use a charcoal filter for my drinking water. You could write for a booklet on water purifiers called "water treatment units" (order number 332A) send $0.50 to R. Woods, Consumer information center-4A PO Box 100, Pueblo, CO 81002.


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