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Name: Kathy Stonequist
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I am interested in making a solar cooker. Any ideas?

Solar cookers were suggested as a possible answer to fuel wood shortages in developing countries during the last few decades. You could probably get plans from the Peace Corps, or by writing to Pax World Service, 111 Sixteenth Street, NW, #120, Washington, DC 20036. The solar ovens were often rejected by people who tried them, because they do not work at night when most cooking is done. You can buy parabolic mirrors, convex lenses, and fresnel lenses to use as heat concentrators from Edmund Scientific Catalog, which you can get for free by writing to Edmund Scientific Company, Department 13DB, C922 Edscorp Building, Barrington, NJ, 08007. Be careful though, they offer a solar furnace kit for $30 that can heat up to 2000 degrees F!


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