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Date: Around 1995

Who invented virtual reality and when?

VR is one of those things that slowly evolved and was not really 'invented' by any one person or group. One of the first people to recognize, think about, and publish something on VR was Morton Heilig back in the 1950s (see chapter 2 in _Virtual Reality_ by Howard Rheingold, 1991): "Heilig started to think about what would have to be accomplished to create an artificial experience that could fool people into believing that they were actually occupying and experiencing a movie set. "How do I know I am in a particular environment?" Heilig asked himself in 1954." From chapter 5: "VR as we know it today did not flower directly from the work of Heilig or Krueger, but from an intersection of computer science, stereoscopy, and simulation, in academic, military, and commercial research laboratories."


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