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Name: James
Status: N/A
Age: N/A
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Date: Around 1995

I am a high school level computer applications and programming teacher. The language I work with is BASIC. My question is, would you consider BASIC to still be an important language to learn or has it become outdated because of new languages that are constantly springing up? This is an important question because we need to know whether or not providing this program is still truly beneficial to the students needs for the future, and whether or not we should keep it.

BASIC is definitely still useful, especially as a "first-learned" program- ming language because it is relatively easy to learn and understand. Any programming language can teach the basics of programming: logic and flow control. It would be nice to also offer "C" to those students who wanted to learn a language more useful in college and professionally.


Update - May 2010
There are several progamming languages that have been influenced by BASIC, such as Mircosoft Visual Basic and Mircosoft Visual Basic .NET which are still good languages for students to learn.


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