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Name: Alex
Status: N/A
Age: N/A
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Date: Around 1995

I am an 18 year old freshman beginning a major in computer science here at Valdosta State university. Speaking as someone who has "done it all" for classes and such, can you offer me any advice on what I should look for when taking classes? And where would I begin to look for a job after I graduate?

Do not wait until you graduate to start looking for a job. You need to try to obtain some sort of internship somewhere. Many companies offer such positions to college undergraduates. If I had it to do all over again, I would start looking for a job as soon as I started as a freshman. Check out the "career development center" (or whatever it is called) at your college. Also, check out the library and do some research on your own. Start looking at different companies and find out what your major interests are.

Jeffrey P Fergin

Well, I did not take any computer science courses in college - my advice would be to take as many interesting courses in other areas and take the minimum in computer science, since what they teach in college usually does not have anything to do with the real world. Lisp, however, should be fun. And operating system design.

A Smith

I will try to shed a bit of light but please this is my general feelings. first I wish you the best in your schooling, study hard now is the time to lay a good foundation. I am a physicist that is very involved in computer graphics and imaging, I deal with everything from very hard core visualiza- tion work to using intense graphics for merging art & science. So if your path might lead into graphics, keep in mind the intense stuff will require a good math background, further I would look in to course in Visual Basic, C/C++, base knowledge of Unix, Windows NT, and relationship to multimedia as well. At the same time I would try to assimilate as much as possible in the hardware and design area. It is moving so fast, but here are a few choice topics, DSPs, Multi Processing, CISC & RISC concepts, RAID, MPP. I be happy to elaborate if I can help in anyway.

Harry Przekop

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