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Name: Young
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Date: Around 1995

If I major in Computer Science, then what kind of jobs can I get? What kind of things they study?

In computer science people study just about anything related to computers! Computer science departments often tend to be somewhat mathematically oriented, or in other ways distanced from the real world of programming though (you certainly have to do lots of programming to get a degree, but they tend to make you program whole operating systems or compilers rather than something that actually computes something, or runs a database, or whatever). But in principle, you should be ready for just about any computer-related job if you get a computer science degree, and there are lots of such jobs around (though jobs for older programmers seem to have been cut somewhat recently, with defense program cutbacks etc.) Just keep your options open, and try to find out more specifically what kind of job you would really like doing, long before you graduate, and prepare yourself accordingly.

A Smith

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