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Name: Howard E. Miller
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OK, OK, I am a layman. I have been reading in Scientific American about new theories on the conditions and origins of the universe. Some things might lead one to believe that not only are there multiple universes, but that they might be interconnected. In fact, in the Mandelbrot set, all Mandel- brot numbers are connected - whether that has any bearing or not, I do not know, but I have been wondering if perhaps gravity from other universes might be having an effect on ours. The effect would be limited, I think by phase variance, the way that electromagnetic waves interact. Could our universe be intertwined with another? From our point of view, it might look like a balloon being blown up by God, but maybe from a superdimen- sional point of view it looks more like the froth that forms at the crest of a breaking wave.

WOW! someone is actually been reading! I think the answer to your question is: "yes". Cosmology is enough to boggle anybody's mind, and when you start including multiple universes, anything becomes possible. However, I have found that when it comes to living your life, it is much easier to assume that this is the only reality, that we cannot "beam" into an alter- nate universe, that we cannot use "magic" to control this reality, that the world we woke up to this morning is pretty much the same as the one we left last night.


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