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Name: K Kathy Mix
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1) Does Neptune have gravity?
2) Does Neptune have an ozone layer?
3) Can we find medicine on Neptune to cure disease?

We are third grade students studying about our solar system and would like to get some interesting information that we cannot find in a book.

1) Yes. Like all of the planets, Neptune has gravity. We do not yet know if Neptune has a well-defined surface. However, from estimates of where a surface is likely to be, surface gravity of 1.15 times Earth's surface gravity is given.

2) No, there is no ozone or other form of oxygen in Neptune's atmosphere.

3) If there is any life on Neptune, it is likely to be very, very different from life on Earth. So even if there are something like plants there, it is almost certain that their different biochemistry would make them useless for cures of Earth diseases.

RC Winther

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