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Last week a very significant event took place on Jupiter. When school opens in the fall, this event will be some what history, and I am wondering, if there will be computer based resources that the students might refer to for references about this event and some graphics which will be available showing what actually happened as the comet impacted Jupiter.

There is loads of stuff (text, images, even movies) available if you have a browser like NCSA Mosaic available. If you do, here are some "places"
(URLs) to go: or

These are sites maintained by NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab. (The second was set up as a "mirror" of the first to handle the heavy demand made at the time of the impacts.) These also provide "links" to many other sites all over the world.

Two other good staring points:

The SEDS home page has a page for the Shoemaker/Levy comet, and the last URL is for Astro Web, a great place to begin a search for anything astronomy-re- lated.

RC Winther

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