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Date: Around 1993

What is resonant frequency? Does every material have a resonant frequency? What are the implications of a resonant frequency?

Resonant frequency is observed in a wide variety of systems, from simple mechanical systems to complex electronics circuits. But the resonant frequency is a property of the SYSTEM, not any material in it. Take a simple resonant mechanical system: a pendulum. Its resonant frequency does not depend on the materials it is made of, or even on the mass of the pendulum weight. It depends only on the length of the pendulum, and on the local acceleration of gravity. Another simple system, a mass hanging from a spring, also has a resonant frequency. Here the frequency depends on the mass and the spring, but not on the materials involved. As these examples show, a resonant system generally involves a mass that can be displaced and a restoring force that is proportional to the displacement. In electrical or acoustical systems, there are similar concepts involving some sort of mass or inertia and some sort of restoring force. Every musical instrument, including your voice, depends on resonant frequencies.


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